Urbino, I'll miss you

Does everyone know that Urbino on NW 23rd is going out of business? I only intended to browse, even though the sign on the window said 30% Off Everything in the Store. That still didn't clue me in. So I browsed and I eventually wound up by the only "china" that I will ever invest in if I ever decide that having china is a worthy investment...Match 95. See the link in my blogroll. So as I am about to walk out empty-handed, I thought about the sign on the window and thought I should ask if that included the Match dinnerware. Indeed, everything means everything. Then I got a clue and asked whether they were going out of business. They were. I felt like crying...I love that store...it's local and it's not a chain! I decided to seriously consider the china considering the significant price reduction, which is probably the most I would ever get. I went for it...they only had four settings left...well five dinner plates, four salad plates and three soup bowls. I cleaned them out. I still want the gravy boat and ladle, but decided I was spending enough. Of course, I am only half way to a set of eight, less than half way to a set of ten and a third of the way to a set of twelve. Brad says we are more than half way to the poor house. I had to. Anyway, in the blogroll are a bunch of links (that I categorized)...some to blogs, others to websites. The categories are CUTE (fun blogs by crafty people), NYC (just a few favorite New York places), KNIT (well...knitting), BEAUTIFUL (things that are not cheap, but beautiful and worth it) and new to the categories will be PDX (favorite/recommended Portland eateries and other places). Get to Urbino if you're looking for a deal on amazing home decor.