To Camp

This isn't a post of images. This is a document of the tragedy of the morning of July 9th, the day we were delivering the boys to Orcas Island for camp. Mysteriously, no one's alarm worked or was set properly...with the exception of one person, whom I won't mention, who ignored his alarm and just lay there because he was tired even though he knew it was chop, chop this morning. We had a 10:25am ferry to catch in Anacortes and expected to be out the door at 6:50am to allow for stops for Glenn and maybe a coffee. Instead, I opened my eyes to a very bright room and in a confused state looked at the clock which said 7:24am. I won't go into detail of the next 20 minutes, but we were out the door by 7:44am. I forgot my phone, camera and there is no document of parting with our kids at Orcas Island, or the 12:30pm ferry ride up there. Yes...we missed the 10:25am ferry by six cars. Major disappointment...we parents were nothing less than irritable. The return was not much better as we were only able to catch the 5:00pm ferry back. So we hung out at Rosario, booked our slip for Labor Day, picked up a couple slices of pie at Passionate for Pies and headed for the ferry terminal. It didn't look good, but we made it. Fidalgo's for dinner and home by almost 8pm. Not exactly how we hoped the day would go, but just glad it was over...and we had pie!