This is not me...

It's not like me to be prepared for Christmas. We almost never get a tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. But things are different this year. The living room looks tip top, clean and organized for Thanksgiving, so it was easy to break out the stockings and decor the next day. This inspired getting a tree the same weekend.

Actually, the main reason is that our next several weekends involves travel for Brad, or some other Christmas commitment. Starting with a trip together to Boston this weekend. Just us, for fun. I'll post about that next week.

In the meantime, we brought our tree home. I strung the lights and we hung the ornaments and voila. The delight of a two year old is not much different from that of two thirteen year-olds. It's a reminder that my boys are still young...still little...though they tower over me already. I'm so glad for my unusual excitement for Christmas this year. It's good to make the season last awhile...for the kids.