Rebranding Life

Recently, I've come to take stock of our in South Sound with young children, two of which are headed for middle school. We are leading the life we've long dreamed of. It's always been our desire to eventually settle here...near family and friends. So, I want to unabashedly exclaim my gratefulness for all that we have. Everyone works hard to get what they want. It's easy to be a dreamer and not execute, but we have self-actualized our dreams and for that I am proud. We've had a lot of support from our family and friends and that is what made everything possible...and a reality. I hope this will do for our boys what I imagine...for them to know that they can dream big and they can make things happen. There may be compromises to make, but ultimately anything is possible and you can have what you want. One of the agreements that we made together when we moved here was that we must have a boat. It was an issue of lifestyle...something we want to give our children...the experience of being and living on the water. I didn't care what it was, but I had my heart set on a Chris Craft Runabout. It had to be something I could launch and take the kids out on my own. I sometimes found myself watching On Golden Pond just to see and hear that cute little boat. Well, Brad became fixated on Sundowner Tugs...a far cry from a little Runabout. He just happened to find one for sale at a good price up in Anacortes. With a very funny name, Chubby is making it's way down the Sound today with Brad, Hugo, Oliver and Grandpa Gene. It already has a new name and so it will don it's new moniker in the next month or two...Crabby. We are sharing ownership of the boat and its costs with our in-laws...well, my it's a true family vessel. At 30', Crabby sleeps six, is replete with a wood interior and teak decks, though it is a fiberglass boat. It's beautiful and very comfortable. The goal is to get out of here every Friday evening that we can, anchor off somewhere in the South Sound and just chill, catch some Dungies, and be closer...and out on beautiful Puget Sound. We just couldn't live three minutes from a marina and not have a boat. And to add to it, a traditional jaunt up to the San Jaun's over Labor Day. With that, I am repurposing this blog a little...rebranding, if you be sure that it expresses the appreciation for the everyday things in life. I tried in the last year to mostly document Glenn's first year. I was doing well for a while, but alas, the busy life we lead. I hope to make a weekly post...or not...about being on the boat, harvesting the garden, drinking wine on the patio, Sunday breakfast, etc. Maybe a recipe or two here and there, where I can honor a friend or family member that has passed down a recipe that we as a family have made a tradition. This will be equally for my small audience of family members and friends and a journal for my family...that I happen to publish online. Hopefully I end up with enough content to convert into a book for a keepsake for the kids. Cheers! Zo [gallery]