Proper Workflow

I am test driving my new editing workflow, which means that I am going back to the originals and reprocessing some oldies...only those that are worthy. Originals and those not so worthy of further edits, will eventually be archived off of my computer and backed up onto two CDs per set of photos. As mentioned in an older post, I have documented a workflow so that I can be consistent every time. Happy to help anyone who has this same woe. 

So, way back in 2008, the boys (then 8) and I had a city jaunt into Portland and went to Sip & Kranz for breakfast. This place, which is no longer, was the coolest, light-filled and airy space of my Scandinavian dreams. It was a hit for me because of the delicious oatmeal, good coffee and the decor was a breath of fresh air in the coffee shop arena. I think most coffee shops have that dark and cozy feel. But not this cute place that once was. Right off of Jamison Square, this shop was kid-friendly and had yummy light. 

These were taken with my Canon 40D and 50mm f/1.2L. I had edited these somewhat before and they are still up on Flickr, but my editing skills are better now and I think I was able to breathe some new life into them. Enjoy.