New York, continued and completed

Given how long it has taken me to complete this New York essay, I am just going to wrap it up in this post. Day 2--Central Park. On this day, I was tourist...there was too much architecture and history to photograph. We walked from Times Square to southern edge of Central Park and ended up walking up the West Side edge rather than through the park. We did head into the West Side by one block and on the way saw the Dakota, where John and Yoko lived and John was killed. Strolling through a flea market, feeling like a local again, we headed back to the park and walked through the park at the central portion just north of the Museum of Natural History. Of course we were amazed at the vastness of the park and the amount of people enjoying the reserved natural area amidst the jam packed city. We sat, we walked and ended up on the other side just south of the Guggenheim and north of the Metropolitan Museum. On this side we did the same and headed one block into the East Side and walked down Madison Avenue, breezed through Dean & Deluca, then headed back to Park Avenue. A must was the Metropolitan Museum with several exhibits, including 'Venice and the Islamic World' among others. This was a must see for me and in trying to find it we went through the Roman and Greek galleries. Photos of the latter are on Flickr, including a bust of a Roman man that looks like my father-in-law. :-) Sore legs and feet brought to mind our Little Italy excursion that was ahead. While looking forward to pizza, we just continued on to see an awesome break dance group (I'll post video) and St. Patrick's Cathedral and all of the beauty of high-end, high class retail on Park Avenue. Little Italy awaited us with a delicious pizza at Il Piccolo. We were worried about not getting a seat at the Mulberry Bar, so I went ahead to secure seats while Brad paid the bill. Mulberry Bar was quiet and stationed by what appeared to be the manager/owner "Boss", a quiet guy and an unassuming young, blonde girl as bartender. I asked if I was in the right place for the Sopranos and got a resounding "yes". The "Boss", who kind of looked like Sal "Big Pussy" Bonpensiero at a glance, said, "Here, we don't just watch the Sopranos, we live the Sopranos." One naive laugh, and I ordered my vodka tonic from the girl. She said, "Six dollars." I reached into my pocket and realized Brad had all the cash. Uh oh. I said, my husband would be here in just a second and she said, "There's an ATM machine right there." Alrighty then. Thankfully, Brad walked in right then, ordered his Guinness and doled out the cash. Another quad of people walked in. One lady had a nicely wrapped bakery box. I noticed they were Cannoli's later and asked, "Where'd you get those?" They pointed me in the direction of the bakery next door. I had to round out my New York experience with some Cannoli's, so I headed over. They were delish with my vodka tonic...odd pairing. The previous scenes began...and sure enough the "Boss" said, "We are here to watch the Sopranos. If you're here to socialize, you need to sit outside." And they closed the door. It was the best episode of the season, where Christoper died. Everyone clapped, and the socializing began, but they still aired Entourage. We sat with our acquaintances in the back room to watch the show. After that, we had another drink and headed back to Times Square. Day 3--This day was all about seeing the south end of Manhattan. I had hoped that we could get in a trip to Brooklyn too, but there was no time given our flight. We subwayed to the Financial district and saw the following: NY Stock Exchange, Ground Zero, Battery Park, rode the Staten Island Ferry (for free!). We subwayed to Tribeca, checked out the warehouse/loft rejuvenation, grabbed a slice at a deli and subwayed back to our hotel. We just couldn't do much more with the time that we had. And with that, a shuttle to the Newark airport concluded our stay in New York. On the plane, I got aerial pictures of Manhattan that I will post and video of a storm while in flight...check those on the Watch page. There you have it. Since then, we've been to Napa and backpacking in Olympic National Forest. I'll get to those posts and pictures as soon as I can.