January 22nd, 2006 was a great day!

Not only did the Seahawks win the NFC Championship today...and are now headed for their first ever Super Bowl...but also, it was a great day on Mt. Hood. Today was beautiful, but I didn't take pictures. I was busy with my first ever ski lesson (I knew I'd become very familiar with the touch, taste and feel of the snow...I didn't want to break my camera). My lesson was enlightening, as I've been skiing before but have never come away with a feeling of success on the slopes. I am that "guy" (gal) you might have seen screaming down the mountain with no form whatsoever...clearly afraid for their life, who somehow gets to the bottom and is stupid enough to go back up. This person, more often than not, doesn't make it down the mountain without a few crashes on the way. Today, I discovered some of the physics and strategies of skiing, as well as interesting habits like hugging the hill and a left dominant leg. But I did 5 runs today, crashed only around five times, and enjoyed plowing and turning through some easy terrain. I skied with my husband twice...it was really great. The last run was wonderful and I made it off the chairlift without biting it and I only fell once later on. The only injuries aside from my sore unfit body and aching shins, is a bruised left palm. The best part of the day for us, however, was spending time with the boys at the rope tow. You would be amazed at the skill that they have gained in three days. They have turning and stopping ability and an amazing confidence going up and down the easy slope. The instructors told us that they will be on the chairlift next week. We don't have pictures, however, Brad did shoot a video on his cell phone. It's really funny. If the picture is good, I'll zip it an make it available by email, unless I can figure out how to get it on here. Hope your Sunday, January 22nd, 2006 was as wonderful as ours.