Glenn is 2 years and 8 months...

So, I have this amazing camera...and a photography business that is what is the phrase - "on hiatus". With my stressful day job, I resort on a daily basis to my iPhone and Instagram app for every day, slice of life photos of my own family. But yesterday, I forced myself to get out there and get some new shots of Glenn. 

These are at Priest Point Park in Olympia. Glenn is really growing up. I was explaining to some folks that he is becoming less of a terrible two and more of a sweet, big boy...and that there has been quite the imbalance for some months. 

Hugo and Oliver were my photographer assistants, though I gave them titles like Director of Photography. I found myself more frustrated with them than with Glenn, but ultimately they were quite helpful. 

I look at Glenn and I know he brings a certain level of extra stress to the know, being a two year old and all that. But I am so grateful for the extra dimension that this late baby brings. He's a little gem...full of vim and vigor, as they say, with the capacity to be mellow and sweet. He's got a sparkly personality when he's not driving us nuts with the two year old whining. He loves people and is especially happy when the house is full of visitors. 

Anyway, it was fun to do something creative when work is so mentally exhausting. I feel better now that I had a chance to get this guy on "film" and to share it.