Elementary No Longer

The boys were promoted to middle school in late June. As is customary, the elementary school hosted a 'moving up' ceremony, which I kind of rolled my eyes over thinking it's so ridiculous. Of course, at the close of the ceremony, as the slideshow of each kids' baby picture, followed by a current picture...I found myself a weepy mess over every damn kid I saw. Not a single kleenex on me, so I sat there alone in a sea of parents wiping my tears and my snot with my bare hands and edge of my shirt. Brad was standing over by the wall to get a better camera shots and remained there, which I was thankful for. Time flies, people. Enjoy your kids. I am so glad I have Glenn. I will suck at being an empty nester. I foolishly attended the ceremony with nothing but my phone for camera equipment. That was a poor choice, given my seats. If I can find the Flip, I'll post the video that Brad shot...if it's good. But, I do have a shot of Uncle Woody and the boys...he picked them up on the last day of school which has been a fun tradition for them for the past few years. [slideshow]