Day 1, Part III

So, this is dinner in New was the one thing that we planned. Our friend Kyle, had asked if we were going to Les Halles...Anthony Bourdain's restaurant. I hadn't even thought of it and if there was one thing to plan this was it. Brad and I have no interest in the traditional hot spots (with the exception of the Carnegie Deli), so this restaurant was it. Literally, it was the only thing that I had planned...I did so with online reservations. We got off the subway one stop too soon, which meant walking several blocks north back to our hotel. Not happy, but we arrived soon enough. A quick change and we zipped down 35 floors to catch a cab...death cab for fatty. This was one ride where I thought this must have been what it was like for Princess Diana on her last ride. I was holding onto the handle the whole time. Well...he got us there at 7:30 sharp! On Park Avenue, just south of the Grand Central Station, Les Halles is attractive and unassuming at the same time. Inside, it certainly bore that French ambience...dimly lit, dark reds and golds, simply attired waitstaff. Modern music (not Edith Piaf) was lively. We were seated at a bench seat in between two other diners. Our waiter looked like the actor Cillian Murphy (Batman Begins), but it wasn't. We ordered our usual appetizer, tomato basil salad and a bottle of St. Emilion, Grand Cru, Château Quinault l’Enclos...smooch, recommend. I had already read the menu online and knew that I would have to have the standard steak, frites, salade...I opted for the Flatiron version: Paleron, Béarnaise (Flatiron steak, béarnaise prepared to order), while Brad opted for the Beef Tenderloin. We finished with the deeply delicious Les Halles Soufflé (“Fallen” Chocolate soufflé). We're not foodies...we just appreciate a good dinner once and a while. Les Halles certainly provided a wonderful experience. And the pommes frites were killer! To add to our nice dining experience, our table neighbors were an incredible meeting. A great chat led to the topic of the Sopranos (and all the HBO shows) for which we shared a mutual appreciation. They were staying in New York for a month and apparently their rental did not have HBO. So they told us about this bar in Little Italy that aired the series on their four flat panel screens. They said that a few people show up to watch and that the owner makes an announcement as the lead-in music starts..."We are here to watch the Sopranos. If you are not here to watch the Sopranos and you are here to socialize, you need to leave or sit outside". We were intrigued and knew we wanted to experience that, so we told this couple that we would likely see them there. With that we bid adieu and we were tired enough to just head back to the hotel instead of drinking a few in the bar. That was the end of Day 1.