Day 1, Part II

We headed west and south out of Greenwich Village and found ourselves still in Greenwich Village...only now we were in the vicinity of NYU. We just kept wandering and eventually stumbled on SoHo, of which there aren't any photos. But Little Italy is adjacent and I took a few photos of the festive Mulberry Street. Southward down Mulberry Street will bring you to Canal Street which is the south edge of SoHo (south of Houston and north of Canal). Canal Street is a very busy street of hawkers of all kinds of merchandise...t-shirts, dvds, jewelry, you name it. On this day, I found this street to be more crowded with people than Times Square, which I had expected would be crawling with people. Canal Street won that award, but all it took was getting to the next block and heading back north and all was good again. Lots of high end stores and restaurants. I was offered a pass to a sample sale of jeans at one of the stores, but I turned it down. I commented to Brad, "I can't believe I just turned down a sample sale in New York!" To which he replied, "Aren't sample sales nothing but size zeros and twos?" Touché. Alas, it was time for a break at 3 or 4 in the afternoon. While I would have loved to pop into Balthazar's on Spring Street for a cocktail earlier, we opted to press on. But once we made it through Canal Street, iced coffee sounded perfect. We popped into Le Pain Quotidien (see links) a great bakery with a communal table. While ordering, I saw someone else stirring up their just ordered iced drink with what appeared to be mint. I interrupted her to ask, "What is that?" She said, "It's mint lemonade. It's won't regret it." Done. Brad had his usual iced vanilla coffee and we shared a pastry...a yummy almond thing, which escapes me. We skipped the communal table and sat outside on the sill and people watched. And yes, the mint lemonade was fabulous! Brad's Blackberry was coming in handy as we took our break. The Ducati dealership was not too far away on the Avenue of the Americas. We had to hop to, since our dinner reservation was at 7:30. We miscalculated by only a block, but eventually found it. It was a cool shop and I enjoyed watching Brad calculate how he might convert the limited edition Paul Smart bike into a two seater without disrupting its style. As the shop closed, we watched the staff bring the bikes in from off the street display. Then it was onto the subway and back to the hotel. A fine dinner was ahead.