Boston...just us

My lovely fella came up with the great idea to have a Christmas in the city getaway. I was a little surprised when he suggested New York. For a weekend trip, that seemed a bit far. So I suggested San Francisco. That idea was tossed around for a couple of days when suddenly Brad said, "What about Boston?" Instant response: "Yes!" Same distance as New York. I guess I love Boston.

Boston is awesome. We went a few years ago and found it had a great vibe. I was sold when we had the option to take a water taxi into our hotel...I'm a sucker for coastal cities...which explains my love of Seattle. Boston has a diverse population in age, everyone's friendly and everyone likes to have a good time. Every corner of the city is vibrant with people and history. And great food and drink. The dusting of snow the first day completed the Christmas weekend getaway feel that we were looking for.

We stayed at the Ritz-Carlton on Boston Commons (Avery and Tremont), posh and conveniently located. We traipsed the whole city from Faneuil Hall to Newbury Street to Charles Street. And also the train to Harvard Square.

Such a great time with Brad. The best guy in the world! I truly enjoy getting to spend time with my favorite person...just us.

And what about the kids? The boys were well cared for by Grandma Marilyn for the weekend, which was very special for them. I'm just really glad that Glenn is becoming increasingly easier to be anywhere, with or without us...and especially with big brothers who know and understand his routines and his quirks. He's got a lot of quirks. :-)

Here are some of the highlights.