So with the budget shortage and the looming budget cuts, our school district opted not to cut band and orchestra. Good for them! And because of it, Hugo and Oliver will benefit from the instruction being provided to 5th and 6th graders. Yay!!! The boys were presented with information during an assembly last week and last night parents received the same presentation, plus an opportunity for the kids to try out all the instruments. Hugo and Oliver both went in thinking they wanted to do trumpet or trombone, but came out having selected the Baritone (euphonium) and the French Horn. It was the best fit for them and they both produced good tone on first try with each instrument. I can see Hugo (Baritone) switching to a different instrument in the next couple of years, but I hope Oliver sticks with the French horn. The scholarship opportunities are greater.  And because it is a more advanced instrument he'll have to have private lessons once a week too.  Both instruments are available through the district for a one-time fee for the school year...$45 each instrument. So that saves on rental costs and the high school student who plays the French horn offers lessons at about $32 a month. The boys were stoked after selecting their instruments. I am really excited for them.