San Juan Islands 2014

The annual end of summer vacation to the San Juans on our boat, Crabby...a 30' Sundowner Tug. The main stops were Seattle (1), LaConner (1), Friday Harbor (2), Rosario Resort (4), Edmonds (1). Highlights of the trip were:

  • A birthday scavenger hunt in Seattle for Hugo and Oliver who are now 15!
  • Running into the Gernert family at Pike Place Market
  • Birthday dinner at Spaghetti Factory with the Ogdons, followed by a sunset walk in the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park
  • Beer run in LaConner, dinner on the boat and an overnight. Plus first round of Hand & Foot cards. 
  • Ice cream in Friday Harbor, first day. Dinner on the boat and a second round of cards, first night. Dinner at Cask & Schooner, second night. Netting shrimp off the dock...and releasing. Dinghy rides to the other side of the harbor. Window shopping. 
  • Crabbing in Deer Harbor...and diving off the boat. And losing my iPhone somewhere between Friday Harbor and Deer Harbor. A brand new white and gold 5s sits somewhere at the bottom of Puget Sound. 
  • Swimming at Rosario Resort...and relaxing the rest of the time. More cards and great meals on the boat. Meeting nice slip neighbors. And seeing a beautiful mega yacht visiting Cascade Bay.
  • Edmonds, just an overnight. Plus a dinner reservation at Aqua in Seattle. Discovery of Uber. Fabulous dinner. 

As evidenced by Glenn's outfit, I only shot one day with the 5D. Lost a ton of pics as a result of the phone going for a deep dive. I had posted some of those already though on FB or IG. 

Enjoy these. Oliver was uncooperative on this day, BTW. So, it's mostly Glenn and some Hugo...all at Rosario. 

And diving off the boat...