Maui 2004 and 2013

Last year in April, the family went to Maui. It was the first time for Glenn and the second time for the rest of us that have at least ten years on him. When I was cleaning the office last weekend, I was reminded that I hadn't posted pictures from the boys' surfing lessons in Kihei when I stumbled upon the photo CD that Big Kahuna Adventures provided us at the close of the lesson. But there was one more golden find - a CD titled in sharpie pen "Maui Wowie, 2004". This had all the photos from our first family trip when Hugo and Oliver were five years old. Before I post the surfing photos below, have a look at these guys...when they were a little older than Glenn is now and when they were lovey dovey with each other. (Not so much now). 

And here they are...age 13 at the time (April 2013).