2013 Strawberry Festival at South Bay Grange

My mother in-law is a second-generation...maybe even third...Olympian. Born and raised on beautiful Johnson Point, she often shares stories of the people and places of the past and I just gobble up that historical knowledge. I am not one with my own established roots in one place. I have called many places my home, but it's a unique thing to be someone who's only ever lived in one place. I really appreciate that connectedness to a place that Evie has.  

Now that I live in her area, I am immersed in a rural setting that feels just right and I am only a mere couple of miles from town and market. One of my favorite experiences in this area is the annual Strawberry Festival held at South Bay Grange, typically on Father's Day weekend. The festival was not held last year...and perhaps the year prior. I am not sure what group was the original fundraiser, but this year there were signs posted everywhere that it would be on again in late June. Of course, we planned to go. This time it was in support of a local children's theatre - BK Musical Productions.  

Glenn, was not feeling tip top, so the photos below are not him at his best, but he managed to eat a strawberry shortcake and the top of a cupcake. We also took in a show...a couple of scenes from the theatre's production of Little Mermaid. It was really well done. Here are some shots from the local event.