Soul Brothers Farm in Olympia

One day in May of this year, I was driving down Lilly Road and turned west onto 26th on my way to pick up my son. As I turned, I was excited to peek into the back forty of the cute little local farm whose rustic signs I had noticed on a previous trip down this road. I was hoping to sneak a peek of some chickens roaming freely in the vintage looking yard or maybe some pigs or sheep enjoying the late sun. As I passed the small home and looked into the field of tall grass, I noticed a pink painted shed, emblazoned in block print with the word "PORKLANDIA" . I laughed out loud to myself in my car and thought...I need a beautiful shot of that. 

So, I found Soul Brothers Farm's Facebook page and sent the farmers a message, both introducing myself and explaining what happened and how I NEEDED to get a shot of that...and hey, maybe even wander around your property and get some rustic, country shots of this idyllic little farm in my neck of the woods in Olympia. The farmer fellas - Alex, Austin and Ross - responded gracefully and welcomed me to their farm anytime. So I made an appointment. It was pushed back a few times due to conflicts on both of our ends, but finally I got to visit Soul Brothers Farm and get some of the shots that I wanted. 

For shots like this, I don't necessarily envision the outcome ahead of time. But I went in kind of knowing how I wanted these shots to look. I wanted an ethereal kind of timeless feel with these shots. A little like film, vintage and dusky light...a little moody. You be the judge on whether I accomplished that. 

Thanks to Alex, Austin and Ross for their hospitality and graciousness...and for the eggs and bacon. I really appreciated being able to get the shots that I wanted.