Early Rebellion

The latest thing with Squigs, as we affectionately call Glenn, for the last several weeks has been that he must get up several times after going to bed with a variety of excuses.

1) I want water.
2) I want a hug and a kiss.
3) I can't find my sword. (a.k.a. my Harry Potter wand)
4) Etcetera.

At the beginning of last week I had the flu. Following getting him to bed one of those nights, Squigs came back downstairs requesting me specifically to put him to bed AGAIN and I had to say NO because I was not feeling good AT ALL. This made him cry and Brad sent him back up the stairs and watched him as he went back into his room.

An hour later after Outlaw Garage (that’s right…Jesse James) and Top Gear (the British version and the only one worth watching), Brad sent me to bed because I fell asleep anyway. So I got to the stairs, all cramped out and feverish and found a gift at the top of the stairs. Have a look. I couldn’t laugh because I was so nauseated and my head was throbbing but in my mind, I knew it was funny. So the documentation was left to Brad…who apparently doesn’t know how to focus an iPhone camera. So…that’s on him, but you’ll still get the gist.